Heavy Rigid Vehicle Licence TLIS3004

DOT Requirement for HR Licence

Must-Have Held:

WA Driver Licence  for at least 2 years


An LR or MR Licence for at least a year

3 Types of HR Licence


You can only drive automatic HR with this.


Synchromesh gearboxes or automatic gearboxes only (Single Clutch) can be driven with this system.


Any HR vehicle (Double Clutch) can be driven with this.

Additionally, we have an automatic truck if you prefer

Heavy Rigid – Double Clutch – Unrestricted Licence

With an open class HR Driving Licence. You have the option to investigate new possibilities. You can drive a Heavy Vehicle with three or more axles and a gross vehicle mass of more than 8000 kg with this permission.

For seamless gear changes, the “open class” licence requires expertise with the Road Ranger gearbox as well as a “double-clutching” method.

Heavy Rigid – Single Clutch – Restricted Licence

The HR-B licence allows the holder to operate HR automobiles with automatic or synchromesh transmissions.

While not as difficult as the Road Ranger, the HR-B licence gives up a wide range of job opportunities.

Many transportation businesses do not require drivers to have an open class or B Class HR licence. There are numerous job options in the field of bus and coach driving, which simply requires an automatic licence to work as a truck driver.

HR Licence allows you to operate Heavy Rigid vehicles with a Gross Vehicle Mass of more than 8 tonnes (no axle limit) +/- trailer (max 9 tonnes Gross Vehicle Mass).

Our approved assessors conduct all HR exams on-site.

If you have an interstate or international driver’s licence, please contact the Department of Transportation to receive a Learners’ Permit or to transfer your interstate driver’s licence to a WA driver’s licence.

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