Truck Driver Training

Truck driving is a critical part of both the mining sector and retail sector in Western Australia. Daily, these sectors are reliant on truck drivers to transport their goods, safely to their many clients on time. It is a career built on flexibility, security as well as being well known for having excellent remuneration and benefits.

All Vehicle Driving Centre, you can do individual lessons 7 days a week or a one-day course. The one-day course is intensive, one-on-one training with the instructor and your assessment is at the end of the day. The one-day course is for HR, HC or MC licences. For our truck driving applicants, we can cater our times to those students who are already working full time and are waiting to upgrade their licence. For your test, our depo offers the student the choice of testing with our in-house assessor.

You can learn to drive HR-A, HR, HC, or MC at All Vehicle Driving Centre.

Truck Driving Training Entry Requirements


Heavy Rigid Vehicle TLIC-3004

The Applicant must have held:

  • A car licence for at least two years or
  • An LR or MR licence for at least one year


Heavy Combination Vehicle TLIC-3005

The Applicant must have held:

  • A car licence for at least three years or
  • MR or HR licence for at least one year


Multi Combination TLIC-4006

The Applicant must have held:

  • A car licence for at least three years
  • An HR or HC licence for at least one year

When booking with us we require the following:

  • Your Full Name
  • WA Drivers’ Licence Details
  • Contact Numbers
  • Email Address
  • Payment Details
  • USI Number

Prior Experience

In order to book with us, please let us know if you have previous experience or training, or if you have any special needs.


For more information on group booking, please contact us. We offer customised packages for businesses needing training for several employees.

Payment Options Paying by Credit/Debit Card, Cash, or Eftpos may be done over the phone, or by Credit/Debit Card at our office Direct Deposit to our Bank Account

Note:- Those with interstate or international driving licenses should contact the Department of Transport for either a Learners Permit or to transfer their license

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